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Harness Your Inner Talent!

There will be times when you do not want to do anything, and that’s okay! We are all different and some of us may need more time than others - again, that’s okay. My suggestion is to take a walk outside. Or go to the park and enjoy the little things, but most importantly...take care of yourself. Self-care is important! When you’re ready, I hope that this blog may help you continue perfecting your musicianship and artistry.


Why? Because you need to build habits. I’ve never enjoyed telling my students that “practice makes perfect.” Instead, I say that practice makes habits. You want to establish a routine where no matter the situation, you’re still going to practice because that’s what you do. We will always have excuses to keep us from is up to us to stay true to ourselves, and maintain our habits and practice.

How to Practice:

For students, you need to have your instructor make you an agenda. I make one for my students and give them a monthly practice log to fill out daily. It may be tedious to some, but the results are worth it.

I break my agenda into three sections: Warm up, Daily Routine, and Reading. Here I lay out what my warm up routine is, what I should be practicing daily, and what I need to be reading in order to build my sight reading skills. I also use the reading portion of the agenda to help get ready for auditions or to learn new etudes. However, you must be doing this daily. Otherwise, your motivation plummets.

Each agenda is catered to every one of my students to best fit their needs. Just remember to rest as much as you practice.


While it is encouraged to have a private instructor to help guide and develop your sound, this method can stand alone in your quest to becoming a better musician as well. However, before you start growing into your own sound, first you need to know what a great sound is. With some help from my colleagues, I've compiled a list of trumpet players that I give to my students for them to listen to. These musicians are in alphabetical order only:  

Adolph “Bud” Herseth

Alison Balsom

Arturo Sandoval

Clifford Brown

Dizzy Gillespie

Doc Severinsen

Hakan Hardenbeger

Lee Morgan

Mattias Hoofs

Maurice Andre

Michael Sachs

Miles Davis

Phil Smith

Rafael Mendez

Reinhold Freidrich

Sergei Nakariakov

Timofei Dokshizer

Tine Thing Helseth

Tom Hooten

Wynton Marsalis

And many more!!

YouTube Link:

Featuring Tine Thing Helseth in the video below.

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